Increased revenue:
The production is carried out on panel basis with a separate MPPT for each panel, and a high performance is obtained. It is out of question that any panel affects the other panels in the string as in traditional inverters. With SolarEdge, you harvest maximum energy from each panel. 

By means of monitoring at module level, our panels can be seen separately. SolarEdge's cloud-based monitoring system is free for 25 years. Investors are not required to pay for monitoring system after the warranty period.
When system problems arise, you can diagnose these problems upon the automatic alerts from the field through IOS, Android or Microsoft operating systems from a place with Internet access, and you can safely intervene without a need to go to the field.

With monitoring at module level you will save 15% on you maintenance and operation costs.

A Higher Life Time Value 
SolarEdge DC optimized inverter solution maximize the yield reducing the costs, and minimize the energy cost calculated based on the lifetime of the system..
SolarEdge DC optimized inverter solution maximize the module level power generation which means a higher life time income from FV systems. While starting cost of the SolarEdge solution is, in general, a little higher relative to conventional inverter systems, its total installation cost, as well as its life time maintenance cost, is lower. This make SolarEdge solution more attractive in economic sense.

Transition to DC Optimized Inverters
Commercial Rooftop Installation Cost Distribution*
Inverter selection is very important regarding use, life cycle and the performance of commercial FV systems.
Although inverters comprise ~10% of the system cost: 
They have an impact on ~20% of the system cost;
They manage 100% of the system;

They control maintenance and operation costs by ensuring FV asset management.

As inverter selection may maximize energy generation and reduce life time costs, it is of critical importance for long-term financial performance of FV system.