SolarEdge Privileges

SolarEdge Privileges

Superior Safety

As there are millions of photovoltaic (FV) system around the world, this technology is considered to be safe in general. However, as traditional FV installations may reach up to 1,500 VDC, precautions should be taken for the safety of life and property. Shutting down the inverter or grid connection will terminate current flow; however, DC voltage will remain high for as long as the sun shines. In addition, electric arcs that may cause fire create a threat to people and assets in the vicinity of the FV system.

SolarEdge system provides a superior safety solution for both electric shocks and fire risks.


SafeDC™ is a module-level safety feature which minimizes the electric shock risk. Power optimizers are designed to automatically switch to safety mode to keep the string voltage below the risk level; ın this way, the output voltage of each panel is reduced to 1V in the following cases:
•    During installation (as long as the string is disconnected with the inverter or the inverter is shut down);
•    When the inverter is turned off, or the connection of the building with AC is cut  during maintenance or emergency;
•    When the thermal sensors of the power optimizers detect a temperature over 85˚C.
SolarEdge SafeDC™ feature has been approved a DC shut down in Europe according to IEC/EN 60947-1, IEC/EN 60947-3, and to VDE AR 2100-712 and OVE R-11-1.

Arc Failures Detection and Interruption

In compliance with the UL1699B arc detection standard, SolarEdge inverters have a protection designed for reducing the impact of the arc failures that may pose a risk of fire. As currently there is no comparable arc detection standard in Europe, SolarEdge inverter arcs out of the USA may be detected and interrupted according to UL1699B standard. In addition to manual restart, a mechanism may be enabled for automatic connection during system commissioning.

This graph represents the automatic string shut down. As shown here, when the AC power or inverter is turned off, the current is cut off immediately. The string voltage is reduced to a safe level.


Due to the more flexible design of the SolarEdge’s opitimizer system, more panels are placed, and more power is generated. With the longer manufacturing period, the investor wins. 25-year power optimizer warranty and 12-year inverter warranty, lower cost replacement for inverters with expired warranty, panel-based values such as current, voltage, power, etc. in monitoring system are retained retrospectively for 5 years. As products are ammonium resistant, they may be used in agricultural areas or in their vicinity. With its small size and lighter weight, it provides easy operation and maintenance. SolarEdge has established office, service department and spare part warehouse in Turkey. Following the approval from the Service Engineer, broken material is delivered by courier to the field within 48 hours.