Project, Engineering and Investment Consultancy

•    Optimum Panel & İnverter Configuration (Cell String Layout)
•    3D System Design and Sampling 
•    Direction and Shadow Calculations
•    Static Project Drawing 
•    Mechanical Project Drawing 
•    Electrical Project Drawing (AG / OG / ENH )    
•    Annual Sunshine and Production Simulation

•    Project Pre-feasibility 
•    Sun Radiation Analysis
•    Determination of Powdering and Contamination Factors
•    Discovering shading areas 
•    Connection Point and Distribution Transformer Suitability control 

Field Development:
•    Coordinated Application
•    Geotechnical Study and Soil Survey 
•    Excavation Works 
•    Hammer Tensile Test 
•    Roof load and endurance test
•    Project Area Security Works (Fence, Camera, Etc.)

Project Development EPC:
•    Lightning Protection and Grounding System Work
•    Mounting the Carrier System
•    PV Panel Installation
•    Invertor and Panel Installation
•    DC / AC Cabling and Connection Application 
•    Installation and startup of the Motor Control Center (MCC)
•    OG Substructure
•    Tests and Startup