Land Solar Power Plants

By installing high-capacity power plants you may make investments in the energy area, the most important sector our country dependent on foreign sources for, with the 10 years government guarantee of purchase in dollars.
You may bring your idle lands that are unsuitable for agricultural operations to the economy by utilizing them for solar systems.
In the event that your roofs or car park areas are not enough for required implementation area, ground-installed Solar System implementations may be an ideal solution.

•    The sun is unlimited and free.
•    Lowers or cancels out your energy costs.
•    It is clean, harmless to the environment and living creatures, and waste free energy.
•    It is modular, portable, and additions may be made to the system when needed.
•    Provides the possibility of producing electricity where it is consumed.
•    İt reduces the requirement of distribution and transmission devices as it is installed in the vicinity of end users, and the reliability of local electricity services increases.
•    It minimizes energy transmission losses, and eliminates the costs of illegal use.
•    Operational and maintenance costs are very little if any, compared to other systems.

•    Owing to dispersed electricity production and consumption transformer station is not overloaded.
•    It has a life time of 40 years and manufacturer guarantee of 25 years.
•    Required energy may be available everywhere, in every region and every season.
•    It can be installed practically, easily and in a short time.

•    Farms
•    Building compounds, hotels 
•    Factories
•    Industrial facilities
•    Organized industrial zones  
•    Urban center and rural areas  
•    Open areas and lands 
•    Lands rented from the national estate 

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