Industrial Roof Solar Energy Power Plants

•    You can fulfil your energy need utilizing your roofs for Solar Energy Systems, the most popular of the renewable energy sources, instead of keeping them idle.
•    You can pay the installments for the system like paying electric bills or through a lower payment plan, and start saving money right away.
•    By getting rid of the energy costs that comprise the substantial part of your business expenses, and increasing your competitive power, you may increase the profitability of your business.
•    If your roof is wider than the installation area, you may generate an additional income in addition to paying off your invoice. 

•    Short depreciation time;
•    40-year life time and 25-year manufacturer warranty;
•    With the electricity being produced where it is consumed;
•    A transformer is present in general;
•    Low cabling cost;
•    Existing roofs are adequate for the projects in general;
•    Short depreciation time;
•    Very low maintenance and service costs are;
•    No need for operator;
•    Green energy, silent and waste-free.

•    Factories
•    Hospitals
•    Schools buildings 
•    Hotels  
•    Cold stores
•    Fuel oil stations
•    Shopping malls
•    Stadiums
•    Fairgrounds
•    Airports
•    Warehouses
•    Bus stations
•    Congress and Culture Centers