Energy Efficiency Consultancy

Energy efficiency is to reduce the energy consumption per unit service or product amount without leading to reduction in living standard and service quality in buildings, and in production quality and amount in industrial organizations.
With the educational, surveillance and awareness-raising works of Renewable Energy Directorate, it was determined that we had an energy saving potential valuing approximately ₺ 7,5 billion with the savings being 30% in building sector, 20% in industry sector and 15% in transportation sector that may build four Keban Reservoirs.
Using the energy efficiently while satisfying our needs for heating, lighting and transportation, or using electrical household appliances, shortly at every instant of our daily life, it is possible that we contribute to family budget, country’s economy and protection of our environment without restrictions to our needs.

Why should we use energy efficiently?
•    Fossil fuels such as oil and coal, the most important energy sources, are rapidly depleted.
•    Greenhouse gas emissions occurring during energy production and consumption processes are among the most important reasons of global warming and climate change.
•    We buy the 70% of the energy we use from abroad paying in foreign currency. 
•    The price of the energy we consume in our houses and transportation is one of the most important items of our family budgets.
Let’s use energy efficiently to reduce the amounts in our energy bills and contribute to family economy, to reduce our country’s foreign energy dependence, and leave an inhabitable environment to the next generation.  

Some precautions we take in building, and small changes in our habits of energy consumption will win us a lot.