Human Resources Department:

The Human Resources Team of Göktekin Energy, one of the leading organizations of renewable energy sector in Turkey, a company that embrace the goal of becoming a known employer brand and that acts with the awareness that the most important value of a company is human, supports the company management and employees with the system it established and/or will establish.

Human Resources Main Strategies and Policies


  • Acquire qualified workforce for the company with the insight that we are as strong as our team
  • Investing in the development of employees
  • Develop and strengthen the organization
  • Increase the motivation and loyalty of the employees


Human resources management approach includes revising the organizational structure regularly in accordance with the company strategies, goals and needs, and designing and planning the required human resources system. It includes creating the implementations that support strategic goals and performance as well as providing agile and proactive response to company’s special needs. Human resources policies are determined to ensure the flexibility for the special conditions and needs of the company.

  • Provide company with qualified workforce: Human resources management will research and implement methods aiming to choose and employ the workforce that will carry the company into the future, that has corporate values and that is best qualified for the job, and meeting the future workforce needs of the company with a global point of view and a proactive approach while choosing and employing. 
  • Invest in development of employees: The main responsibility of Human Resources is to create the environment and opportunity for development of employees; develop a culture where all executives take responsibility for development of employees ensuring that they continuously monitor the performance of employees and supporting open communication in this regard; direct the development of employees to create a qualified and successful workforce. 
  • Develop and strengthen the organization: The priority of Human Resources is to review, and configure in accordance with the needs, the organization, system and processes and human resources consistently; monitor the performance of high-potential employees, and evaluate it in accordance with the present and future needs of the company; increase the in-house assignment, transfer and rotation implementations to ensure the continuity of the Company’s success. 
  • Award management: The objective of Human Resources is to offer competitive award management implementations to attract the qualified workforce to the company and increase the loyalty of employees; to encourage the employees to take the responsibility of their own business results; to recognize and reward the contribution, success and high performance of the employees; to reward the employees in line with the responsibilities they bear and the value they add to the organization. 
  • Increase the motivation and loyalty of the employees: The goal of Human Resources is to ensure building and popularization of a culture that is participatory, sharing, transparent and that values difference and creativity; pay regard to recommendations and expectations of employees; consistently develop approaches that enriches loyalty; ensure a safe, healthy working environment where ethical values are kept alive, and the balance between work and private life is regarded. 

Human Resources:

  • Pays attention to work with a human profile that embraces Göktekin Enerji values, agrees with the corporate culture, agile, is open to development and change. 
  • Uses all possibilities available to create a working environment that respects differences, observes equality of opportunity, is modern and values communication, and where company sources are used efficiently.
  • Human resources management establishes and operates fair, apprehensible and feasible systems, and ensures that these systems are embraced by all employees. 
  • Employees are supported with sources suitable for their professional and individual development; tools with which they will be able to motivate themselves are provided; are tracked with career plans that offer options compatible with their potentials. 
  • Ensures that an organizational structure that is nonhierarchical, flexible, and suitable for the dynamism of its business segment.

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Design and Sales Support Manager 20.10.2020


  • Graduated from Electrical or Electrical and Electronic Engineering departments of universities;
  • Having at least 5 years of professional experience; 
  • Experienced in solar power plants; 
  • Experienced in roof and land project design; 
  • Able to use Autocad, Pvsyst, Pvsol and MS Office programs; 
  • Experienced in DC/AC cabling, PV panel and solar inverter selection and design,  
  • Being meticulous with reporting and feedbacking; 
  • Adaptable team player, able to take initiative, skillful in communication;
  • Having analytical mindset, and being open to development; 
  • Being able to adapt with flexible working hours; 
  • Active driver with valid driver’s license; 
  • Free to travel;
  • To be responsible for power plant designing, layout plan, and drawing up Pvsyst report, carrying out woks such as project, time plan, allowance, etc. 
  • No military obligation for male candidates.
Sales Manager 20.10.2020

General qualifications:

  • Graduated from engineering departments of universities; 
  • Possessing knowledge on Solar Energy Sector; 
  • Experience in sales of industrial roof SES projects;
  • Placing importance on teamwork; 
  • Placing importance on job follow-up, and being able to work result-oriented;
  • Having analytical mindset; 
  • Active driver with Class B driver’s license; 
  • Free to travel domestically,
  • Completed military service for male candidates; 
  • Thorough customer follow-up and working result oriented in accordance with sales targets, timely work reporting;
  • Being able to manage new customer gain and new sales to present customers;
  • Experienced and effective in corporate sales, project design, offer processes; 
  • Active field visits to corporate customers;
  • Shall go deeper with each customer under his/her responsibility to identify their needs and generate the most suitable solutions to these needs, and keep customer satisfaction at the highest level through the process he/she manages.
Site Chief 20.10.2020
  • Graduated from electric, electronic and energy systems departments of universities;
  • Preferably with at least 2 years field and site experience in industrial roof SESs;
  • Take solution oriented steps regarding knowledge on application, time management, taking initiative;
  • Knowledge of MS Office and AutoCAD programs;
  • Skills in reporting, verbal and written communication;
  • Free to travel;
  • Flexible to work in varied shifts;
  • Able to keep up with stressed and flexible working hours;
  • Male candidates should be free of military obligation.